Individually Fair Rankings
A Bower, H Eftekhari, M Yurochkin, and Y Sun. ICLR 2021.

Preference Modeling with Context-Dependent Salient Features
A Bower and L Balzano. ICML 2020.

Training individually fair ML models with sensitive subspace robustness
M Yurochkin*, A Bower*, and Y Sun. ICLR 2020. Spotlight talk.
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Debiasing Representations by Removing Unwanted Variation Due to Protected Attributes
A Bower*, L Niss*, Y Sun*, and A Vargo*. FAT-ML workshop at ICML 2018.

The Landscape of Nonconvex Quadratic Feasibility
A Bower, L Jain, L Balzano. ICASSP 2018. Selected for an oral presentation.

Fair Pipelines
A Bower*, S Kitchen*, L Niss*, M Strauss*, A Vargo*, and S Venkatasubramanian*. FAT-ML workshop at KDD 2017.

* = equal contribution